You Really Want Social Justice? Try to take down Wagner

For all you social justice warriors out there, I submit that attacks on people who ask difficult questions (James Damore, Prof. Brett Weinstein, Prof. Jordan Peterson) and efforts to remove statues of objectionable individuals (Nathan Bedford Forrest ) or even admirable individuals who maintained moral flaws that are difficult to understand (Thomas Jefferson) are little more than vicious attempts to shut down uncomfortable speech and drown out uncomfortable ideas. In reality, however, I feel they are pathetic attacks inside a protected social justice bubble, where you know you’ll get the support of your friends. 

So how about this, SJW’s: You want to get rid of brilliant people who were objectionable? Why not set your sights on Richard Wagner, the rabid, malignant 19th century German composer who’s ideas on German supremacy were the blue print for the Nazi party and who’s music and libretti are part-and-parcel of his world view? Let me see you try to interrupt the New York Opera’s Ring Cycle? Or, even better, let me see you travel to Germany and put forward the case that Beyreuth should be demolished and Wagner’s music banned in his homeland. 

Until the SJW’s go after Wagner, I’m afraid I won’t be able to take them very seriously. 

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