Karma Bites

There isn’t much danger that I’ll be confused for a supporter of the current US administration. Still, to alleviate any doubt: The current president is not only a bull in a china shop, wreaking havoc on virtually everything he touches; he is an affront to the human race.

(yes, I mean that. Not because of his policies, such as they are, but because his mocking of disabled NYT reporter Serge Kovaleski removed him from the category of “politician with whom I disagree” to the category of “quasi-human being”. Likud officials joined the Pussygrabber in Chief this week when they had a good laugh at Amnon Abramovich, who was injured during the Yom Kippur War. But I digress.)

But the first glimpse into Robert Mueller’s report has unleashed a flurry of calls to continue the investigation. A short list includes

• Mother Jones news article: Trump Aided and Abetted Russia’s Attack. That was treachery. Full Stop. 
• Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), feels that there is still “significant evidence of collusion.”
• Washington Post editorial: Trump did not collude with Russia. But he’s wrong to say Mueller exonerated him.
• NY Times news article: With no impeachment in view, Democrats push forward with an investigation
• NY Times editorial: No Collusion, No ‘Exoneration’: A Trump-friendly attorney general’s letter doesn’t do justice to the special counsel’s investigation. 

This brings to mind two thoughts. 

One, Republicans may well cry foul and mock the Democratic opposition for refusing to accept Mueller’s verdict (if, indeed, that is the verdict. I note that the full report has yet to be released). 

But it is the GOP who set the precedent for investigation after investigation, first with regard to President Bill Clinton, and later with regard to his wife, presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. Karma bites tough, eh?

Two, I fear that Democratic and liberal anger if there is no indictment will blind the party to what I consider to be the only issue of priority for the United States today: Removing the current president from office next year. By focusing on seeing the president in jail (here, too, there is Republican precedent, as Trump supporters called to “lock her up” and Republican leaders refused to distance themselves), I fear the Dems and their supporters run the very real risk of drumming up support for the president – partly by appearing to be poor sports who can’t accept results they don’t like, but mostly by illustrating that like Trump himself, the party has nothing to offer other than criticizing Republicans. 

There is certainly much to criticize there, and my gut tells me there are be plenty of indictment-worthy parts of his past. But trying to defeat Mud Man (Trump) by slinging mud at him, or even reminding everyone all the time that the president is made of mud, doesn’t seem to be much of a strategy.

Lastly, for what its worth, check out former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg. He’s a long-shot candidate for president, but I hope he continues to gain steam. He’s the first political candidate in a long time I can remember feeling enthusiastic about.

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